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Zarna Jhaveri

I live in U.S.A with my husband and 2 boys. I am originally from India (Mumbai) & have experienced eating many different cuisines. I previously used to work as a graphic designer. I always have an interest in healthy cooking which is high in protein and low in fat for many years. I have recently decided to use my skills in graphic design with my passion for healthy food.

As a vegetarian it is always a challenge to have high protein and low fat in your diet. I always thought salad would be the way to go, however I realize that I am missing all the flavors in food.

Due to lockdown, I got an opportunity to enhance my vision of healthy cooking.  

Idea of starting a food channel is to make easy & effortless cooking which will enable to lead a healthy life. I strongly believe that health resides on the family dinner table.  As the name suggests you will find here all the vegetarian and vegan recipes which are cooked at home from scratch. I appreciate your time reading about me and hopefully you will find something from here to recreate in your kitchen.

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